MGD Meeting #3

While MGD meetig #3 occurred a while ago, I thought it is worth mentioning what occurred during the meeting, to keep the website visitors with MGD actions, below are the details!



During MGD meetig #3, Yassine reviewed what occurred during the past 2 meetings, followed by a presentation Adnane made concerning Ramadan Project. He showed the concept of the game, the design mentality behind it, and the ongoing progress by demoing the game for everyone.


We were 9 developers including Alaa who joined us remotely from France, as usual. Omar was encouraged to show us his experiments in Unity with his own space shooter demo. Lovely, we tried that over our own various Android devices.


The “Game Dev 101” event was given a birth during the meeting, which will occur in-line with “Journée Mondiale du Jeu Vidéo” global event. Developers discussed the importance of the event by having entry topics for those who have interest in video games yet know nothing about it to expand game development in the region.


Salah took the chance to present the upcoming event (at that time) Summer Lab Casablanca, which everyone agreed about its importance for the game development community.


In addition to the above mentioned topics, developers were keen to discuss various other topics concerning the development community in Morocco and their projects that is hard to track all of them, unfortunately. Yet, you still can follow the discussed topics, participate in these meetings, do presentations or workshops, network with developers, and so on. You are welcomed any time! :)